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Bulgarian food specialities


          Dairy products                         Yoghurts                                     Meat                                    Dishes                                        Fish



          Ayvars / Lutenitsa                    Preserves                            Fruits / Vegetables                         Olives                                 Spices



         Banitsa / Burek                          Cereals                                  Nuts                                   Flavorings                                   Grills



             Noney                                           Jams                                  Sweets                       Perfume Candyes                         Decoration



                   Drinks                              Tea / Coffee                      Aronia / Chokeberry                          Alkohol                                Gastro



       Rose Oil Cosmetics                       Droghery                                  Ceramics





We have been producing genuine Bulgarian yogurt since 1937

Our company is engaged in production, distribution and wholesale of mainly dairy foods


We are a small family dairy that has been engaged in dairy products for three generations. We have been producing live yoghurt according to our own Bulgarian family recipe since 1937. We use the right live Lactobacillus Bulgaricus yoghurt culture and many years of experience in Bulgarian to produce the right yoghurt.

Every day we offer freshly prepared real Bulgarian yogurts, ayran, tarator and Bulgarian salads. The dairy products we produce in our dairy are purely from natural ingredients without preservatives and dyes, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, thickeners, gluten, milk powder and without homogenization. The milk in our products retains its original properties and biological value. Our dairy products are manufactured under the trademark Bulgarica. We supply the products to a number of shops and you can also buy them directly from us. During production and subsequent distribution we pay attention to maintaining the cooling chain and maintaining the highest quality of our products.

The Bulgarica family dairy is registered with the Regional Veterinary Administration and meets all legislative requirements. We only process farm milk, which is obtained hygienically, is analyzed in the laboratory and meets high quality standards. Before processing, milk undergoes pasteurisation to ensure microbiological safety of dairy products. We do not use Bifidus or other bacteria that have nothing to do with yoghurt production.

For several thousand years, fermented milk (yogurt) has been a traditional food of Bulgarians. The word "yogurt" is of prabulhar origin, jog means thick and urt - milk. According to various sources, yogurt did not appear in Western Europe until the seventeenth century.


We are an green store

In our shop we send only electronic paragons and invoices and do not waste paper on receipts.
We save on paper and office supplies. We use electronic means of communication, we use double-sided printing, we use recycled paper, shred used and unnecessary paper and use it as a filling for business packages.
- We don't shine unnecessarily. We switch off computers, printers, and copiers to power saving mode, turning them off when you leave work.
- We try to use energy saving lamps.
- We do not waste water, heat or electricity.
- We use recyclable packaging.

  Delivery European service

We ship your purchases all over Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other counties for low prices.
Info: When placing the order, please select your country and address. The system itself will offer you the choice of transport and shipping price.

Payment is always in advance on our bank account, via bank card or PayPal.


We offer a wide range of healthy diet products that are carefully selected and evaluated according to health benefits. We offer companies, companies and sole traders the purchase of all our assortment at WHOLESALE PRICES. If you are interested in our wholesale prices, please register using the contact form. After verifying the data, you will be sent access information. In case of any individual request, please contact us. We are able to adapt to individual customer requirements. Our clients include restaurants, specialized organic stores and health food stores. We continuously monitor the market and bring interesting news in this field.

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